Mills and fulling mills, the latter with vats for fulling, washing and dyeing homespun cloth were built over the river Bregava in the 15th century. The mills are long, narrow buildings built over the river. Their walls are built of rubble stone, and the gabled roofs were covered with stone slabs. Each mill had one set of millstones for each arch.In some cases a single flour mill would have several millers. The fulling mills are simple stone buildings with a gabled roof, sometimes with two storeys, and with vats and troughs for fulling, dyeing and washing. Flour mills and fulling mills were usually built side by side where the current was most suitable. Until World War II the people in Stolac depended on the river Bregava, since the town made its living mainly  from the mills. So far twelve groups of four mills, fulling mills and vats are still in existence in Stolac (some mills  survived,the  others lie in ruins).


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