The Old town in Stolac

The Old town in Stolac is located on the left bank of the Bregava river, above the town Stolac, offering a view of the village Vidovo polje, the river Bregava, and the surrounding hills. The building of The Old town in Stolac was started during the medieval period, continued building in the Ottoman period. The Old Town is divided in three clearly defined parts:




  1. Lower town- north-west side ( a site beneath Austro-Hungarian part of the town, located north-west wise according to that part of the town.)
  2. Middle town (a part constructed in the Period of Austro-Hungarian administration at the plateau of the hill)
  3. Upper town ( a site above the Middle town, located east from it)

Vidoški is mentioned for the first time in historical sources in three charters, all of them issued by the Duke Stjepan Vukčić-Kosača.


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