In southeastern Herzegovina, on the riverbed of the  Bregava river,

that with it’s flow creates many waterfalls

and river island, lies Stolac.


Stolac municipality and a town is located in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the far east of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

 Rezultat slika za grad stolac

This quiet, sunny southern town full of striking Ottoman architecture is a true playground for those intrigued by anthropology, archeology and history.



This area has been inhabited at least 15,000 years, as evidenced by the drawings found in Badanj Cave, which experts estimate that dates from 12.000 -16.000 BC. Throughout its long history, Stolac has always been a city with a rich culture. No other city in Bosnia and Herzegovina gave as much of intellectuals, artists, poets and leaders as Stolac did. As you walk through the Stolac and listen to the rushing Bregava and many songbirds, you understand why Stolac inspired many generations of extraordinary personalities.

Geographical location

The town of Stolac was founded on the banks of the Bregava which is surrounded by mountains Hrgud and Vidovo field, with other surrounding areas which are written with a pen of rich cultural past. The western access to Stolac is Dubravska tableland, particularly known for peach and above all Dubrave vineyards by which all the famous wines from Stolac are known for.

Stolac area, its Mediterranean charm, clean water, gentle sky, the tame landscape and harmony of the natural beauty, attracted people from prehistoric times. Illyrians and Greek sailors, Roman patricians, east Gothic conquerors, Slav high dignitaries, Ottoman noblemen, Venetian army leaders, the Austro-Hungarian governors, and many fans of the sun, the freshness of the river Bregava, cultural and historical values and mysterious messages from the past centuries, have left their mark: ruins and graves, names on the plates – messages for those who will come after them.

Stolac is a place with the longest and most elaborate history of urban life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is in a small group of the Balkans area where the preserved material testimonies about urban life forms through long period over 3500 years, the age of the last known Illyrian town Daorson.




The continuity of the presence of human communities in the area of Stolac dates back 16,000 years into the past. Stolac is located in the Mediterranean area and so it managed to have all kinds of fruit, mostly grapes. To the interest in life in this area since ancient times testify the places that surround it: cave Badanj – Paleolithic habitat, fortified Illyrian town Daorson, whit it’s admirable Cyclopean walls, and the famous necropolis at Radimlja, Boljuni, Rotimlja and Vidoštak and the fortress Old Town herself.

Rezultat slika za daorson

The name of the town perceived the changes throughout history. The oldest is the name Daorsoi or Daorson Illyrian megalithic town near the village Ošanjići above Stolac (IV-III century p. N. S.). Followed by Roman muncipium Diluntum. The present name of the town of Stolac was first mentioned in 1420. (loco dicto Stolac), a fortress Vidovski 1436.godine. After that there was Ottoman Ilce and IIstolce, then Vidoški and finally Stolac.

City monument, Stolac is a city museum. A city that with its historical heritage is under the protection of UNESCO since 1980. Traces of human hands date back frpm 15,000 years age as evidenced by drawings in Badanjskoj cave. These are descriptions of the details of hunting with a clear image of the horse (it is time Ebeolitika).

The first inhabitants of the Balkans, the Illyrians, have left their mark in the fortress Doarson, the remains of a Roman fortress Diluntum where also found here. There is also a magnificent Radimlja with its stone sleepers, the tombstones.

Also there is the grave of Jewish Rabbi Mos Danon. This place was and still is one of the shrines of Jews. Monuments, mosques, squares and churches, libraries were built during the Ottoman period. Later on, these structures are adjunct to the characteristics of Mediterranean culture.


According to the census of 2013, published by the Agency for Statistics in Stolac municipality with an area of approximately 240 km2 lives 14 502 inhabitants, of which 7326 men and 7176 women. According nationalities: Croats 8486 (58.52%), Bosniaks 5544 (38.23%), Serbs 279 (1.924%) and other 193 (1.331%).



List of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Stolac is the list of national monuments which are located on the area of municipality of Stolac. On the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the municipality of Stolac are following monuments:

-Begovina( architectural residental complex)

-Church of St.Nikola in Trijebanj (architectural complex)

-Church of  St.Petar and Pavle with graveyard, court chairs, yard, wall and movable property in Ošanjići near Stolac (historical complex)

-Đulhanuma’s house(architectural complex)

-Bazaar  mosque and bazaar(arcitectural complex)

-Grave of Mosha Danon with the surrounding area and havra in Krajšina (arc.complex)

-Hammam in the ćuprija the place  and remains of historical building

-Hellenistic town Daorson in Ošanjići (archaeologically area)

-Public summer bathing area „Kupaje“ in Stolac (arch. Complex)

-Trough of Bregava on millsstupama and bridges (natural.- arch. Complex)

-The house on Luka (Waqf  of Hatidža Hajdarbegović- residental architectural Complex)

-The house of family Behmen within street Behmenluk in Stolac (residental architectural complex)

– Mejtef Mektebi  Iblidaije (historical building)

-Necropolis with tombs and nišanima (Old harem) in Gorica (historical area)

-Necropolis  with tombs at the locality of Boškailo’s houses (Glavica and Haremi) zaselak Brdo,  settlement Hodovo (arch. Area)

-Necropolis with tombs at the locality Perić’s field in zaseoku Perići, settlement Hodovo (arc. Area)

-Necropolis with tombs at the locality Pogrebnice in zaseoku Nrdo, settlement Hodovo (archaelogical area)

-Necropolis of tombs 1 and 2 – Boljuni (historical area)

-Necropolis of tombs Radimlja (historical area)

– Paleolithic find Badanj in Borojevići (arch. Area)

-Podgradska mosque (known as: mosque at Mejdan, mosque in small bazaar, mosque of Hadži Salih Bura, Zulfikar-captain’s mosque and mosque of Ali-pasha Rizvanbegović) – area and remains of historical building

-Residental architectural complex of Hadži Junuz-aga Mehmedbašić

-Residental  architectural complex of family Čokljat with shop in street Zagrad

-Old town Stolac (historical area)

-Turković’s tower (architectural complex)

-Uzinovići’s mosque (mosque of Ismail – captain Šarić) – architectural complex

-Waqf of Zejna Elezović (residental complex of Zejna Elezović, Waqf’s palace) – residental  architectural complex

-Ćuprijska (Hadži- Alija’s Hadžisalihović) mosque, area and remains of architectural complex)

-Šarić’s house (Gallery of Branko Šotra) in Stolac, with constant museum setting (architectural complex)




-local community Brštanik- covers settlements:  Brštanik, Ljubljenica and Šćepan Krst.

– local community Burmazi- covers settlements: Bjelojevići, Burmazi and Kruševo.

– local community Crnići- covers settlements: Aladinići, Borojevići, Crnići-Kula, Pješivac- Greda, Pješivac- Kula, Poprati and Prenj.

– local community Dabrica- covers settlement: Dabrica.

– local community Hodovo- covers settlements: Crnići- Greda, Hodovo, Kozice, Rotimlja and Trijebanj.

– local community Hrgud- covers settlements: Hrgud and Predolje.

– local community Poplat- covers settlement: Poplat.

– local community Stolac covers settlements: Barani, Do, Komanje Brdo, Ošanjići and Stolac.

-local community Žegulja covers settlements:  Bitunja and Žegulja.


-Necropolis Radimlja, Necropolis Boljuni, Begovina, Ošanjići, Badanj, Bregava, Vidoški- Old Town Stolac, Šarić’s house.

Stolac currently has over 35 objects or localities on the list of national monuments. Some of those monuments are. Čaršija’s mosque, Podgrad’s mosque, Ćuprija’s  mosque and Uzinovići’s  mosque, Ošanjići’s churches, Trijebanj’s church, Poplati’s church and church at Poljuba in Stolac.







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